Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cara Menulis Review Bagi Journal

Review adalah dimana seorang pembaca memberi pendapat mereka setelah meneliti dan memahami sesuatu artikel yang dikeluarkan mahupun video ataupun filem yang ditayangkan. Dalam konteks ini saya lebih berminat dalam review jornal ilmiah.

Bagi mereka yang mencari bagaimana hendak menulis rewiew...anda boleh dapatkan cara menulis daripada link ini...

antara paparan menarik didalamnya adalah;

Meeting these demands

Step 1: Get to know the article you are reviewing: 
Look at the title, the table of contents, the abstract and the introduction. These should give you some idea of the central focus and the coverage of the article and the author's reasons for writing the article.
Skim quickly through the whole article, running your eye over opening sentences of paragraphs and glancing at any tables, illustrations or other graphic materials.
Read more closely the first section, which should tell you the main issues to be discussed and indicate the theoretical or conceptual framework within which the author proposes to work.
Read closely the final section, which should cover the author's conclusions and summarise the main reasons why these conclusions have been reached.
Now that you are familiar with the text, read the whole text thoroughly to develop a basis on which to critically review it.
Step 2: Decide which aspects of the article you wish to discuss in detail in your review: the theoretical approach? the content or case studies? the selection and interpretation of evidence? the range of coverage? the style of presentation?
Usually you will discuss the main issues which the author has specifically examined. Sometimes you may choose a particular issue because it has importance for you and the course you are studying, even if it is not the main issue for the author.
Step 3: Now, on the basis of your overall knowledge of the article and your decision about which issues you will discuss, read in closer detail the sections which are relevant to these issues. Make notes of the main points and key quotations.
If necessary, read other articles or books which are relevant to your topic, possibly to provide supporting evidence or alternative theoretical models or interpretations of data.
You may also want to glance at other reviews of the article in recent academic journals in order to get a feel for the way the article has been received within the discipline. However only use these reviews to support your own evaluation; don't merely copy or imitate them.

p/s: you can download free pdf fail on how to write it using the link that are provided. Hope it will be useful for those who are writing a review

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